Our management team in Clearwater

David Siracusa, Owner

The owner of the company, David Siracusa, has always prided himself on maintaining a true "company culture" type environment. He focuses on making sure that the employees are happy and have all of the best tools possible to succeed.  It is his belief that if his employees are happy and successful, then our clients will be happy and cared for as well.

Our experience in the financial and insurance industries provides us with the know-how to best meet your employment needs. Whether servicing payroll administrative services or workers' compensation solutions, we will efficiently and effectively find you the right coverage, at the best price.

We treat our clients like collaborative partners using transparent practices. We spend extra resources on sophisticated technology systems so we can focus better on earning & keeping your business. We have become indispensable to the clients we service, as we continue to exceed customer expectations.

We are not a PEO and we are not a staffing company. We are a PEO Broker who places our companies with the best possible PEO solutions. And we will also sometimes utilize staffing for companies who do not fit the PEO market.  But one thing we will always do, is find you the best possible partner to work with for your individual needs!

For more information about the entire team, please see "Our Team" for bios and videos about each team member.


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