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Joint Underwriting Association - JUA Florida - Not a Good Fit For Workers Comp!

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The JUA, or Joint Underwriting Association, is the option of last resort.  Not only for clients requiring workers' comp that they can't secure in the standard market, but for agents as well.  The JUA is not a good fit for most clients and is definitely not a good fit for most agents.

The Problem with the JUA

Through the JUA, the clients get terrible rates with service that is not much better. Agents get a lot of work and headaches for very low commissions.  This is a recipe for disaster for both parties.

Why should agents work so hard  and not be well compensated for their efforts?  And why shouldn’t clients have a simple, low-cost option for providing them coverage quickly?

Because the JUA Florida is a state option of last resort, the Joint Underwriting Association does not want to provide coverage to Florida companies in need of workers compensation.  Their desire is to see companies get coverage in the standard market or through the use of a PEO. Each company that is forced to secure coverage through the JUA is viewed as a loss in their eyes.  They want to see the free market work.

The Solution

A much better option is to work with a PEO broker who will make life easy for the agent and less stressful and expensive for the client!  And we can help you with that.  It doesn't matter if you are an agent, insurance agency or a client.  

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