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Our mission is to help you relieve the relentless burdens and high costs of workers’ compensation and employee management. SS&L specializes in the “Business of Employment” and will assist you with all of your online payroll services and workers’ compensation needs.

Working with a PEO Broker Ensures that Everyone Wins!

Our network of preferred PEO providers can handle any situation and offer you the best Workers Compensation options available.

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What we do at SS&L!

Check out this short 25 second video about how we help P&C agents with workers’ comp, payroll and PEOs.

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PEO Pricing

Have you ever wondered how pricing works in the PEO world? The cost of a PEO can be easy to understand if you’re aware that there are only 3 variable parts of your monthly fee…


Charitable Giving

We care about our community and give back at every opportunity. The philanthropic goal of Siracusa Staffing & Leasing and SSandLCares is to work with responsible charities…


A Better Choice Than the JUA

The JUA is not a good fit for most companies and agents. The solution? Work with a PEO broker. Through the JUA, the clients get terrible rates with service that is not much better…

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