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PEO & Employee Leasing

We provide workers’ comp and payroll services for “hard-to-place-risks” for all W-2 employees. PEOs are the perfect solution for a client with an elevated Mod, who has been non-renewed, who faces the prospect of a state fund, who doesn’t want to face the rigors of administrative headaches, who needs assistance with lowering health care costs and so many other concerns that face business owners every day.

Workers' Comp

Workers’ Compensation is mandatory for most employers in the state of Florida, and most states nationwide. We get it done for you right now, the way you need it.

Workers’ comp is one of the largest costs for many employers and PEOs can do an amazing job to help you secure that coverage, and many times, to lower the cost of your premium.

A quick phone call to one of our amazing Account Managers will help you determine right away if you are a good candidate for reducing your Workers’ Comp premiums.


Payroll Services

We support your organization’s success by providing a wide range of payroll services. Running payroll for a company should be one of the simplest operations to perform. But it can also be one of the most destructive for a company to get wrong. And even though it should be simple to perform, the smallest error can lead to the biggest problems. We make sure that never happens!

We take the dangerously mundane and turn it into an art form of simplicity and accuracy. Your employees need to get paid. And they need to get paid the right way. The first time, and every time!


We promise to provide you with the highest quality staffing company and/or employees for the absolute best rates.

PEOs are what we do. But every now and then, we come across a company that won’t fit the PEO model. For those rare occasions, we have searched the myriad of staffing markets to come up with another option for you. When you need to completely remove the liability from your company, when you need to cover a risk that PEOs won’t consider or when you need assistance tracking down the employees necessary to get the job done for you, staffing can be the answer!


The Problem with the JUA

Through the JUA, the clients get terrible rates with service that is not much better. Agents get a lot of work and headaches for very low commissions. This is a recipe for disaster for both parties.

Why should agents work so hard and not be well compensated for their efforts? And why shouldn’t clients have a simple, low-cost option for providing them coverage quickly?

Because the JUA Florida is a state option of last resort, the Joint Underwriting Association does not want to provide coverage to Florida companies in need of workers compensation. Their desire is to see companies get coverage in the standard market or through the use of a PEO. Each company that is forced to secure coverage through the JUA is viewed as a loss in their eyes. They want to see the free market work.

The Solution

A much better option is to work with a PEO broker who will make life easy for the agent and less stressful and expensive for the client! And we can help you with that. It doesn’t matter if you are an agent, insurance agency or a client.

We will remove the headaches of paperwork, follow-up and searching the endless market of PEOs to find the perfect fit. There are currently over 900 PEOs across the United States. We have done the job of researching those partners, so you don’t have to. Put your trust in us to match you with the PEO best suited to meet your needs!

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PEO Pricing

Have you ever wondered how pricing works in the the PEO world? We can help you to understand it.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

We care about our community and give back at every opportunity

Better Choice Than The JUA

The JUA is not a good fit for most companies & agents. The solution? work with a PEO broker.

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